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  1. Print these directions 
  2. Open Microsoft FrontPage (this game was created with Front Page 2002, it may work with older versions, not sure try it)
  3. Click FILE then OPEN navigate to the JEOPARDY FILE then open the file and then double click index, this will open the game board
  4. Click VIEW on the menu bar and then click NAVIGATION you will see this view
  5. On the top of this screen where it says JEOPARDY, this represents your game board, you need to double click this box and modify the categories with the names of you categories.  Save the changes
  6. Then click VIEW on the menu bar again and go back to the NAVIGATION, at this point you need to double click each of the categories and modify the individual questions.  Save each page as you go along
  7. Once you have all of the questions and categories set, you are ready to play the game with your class.  There are a few things you need to do first.  IF you haven't done so already, SAVE SAVE SAVE
  8. Open up Internet Explorer
  9. On the menu bar click TOOLS then INTERNET OPTIONS
  10. In the middle of the screen that comes up you should see a button that says delete cookies - click that
  11. Next to that button there is another button that says DELETE FILES, click that, and check the box where it says delete all offline content then Click OK  (you should click these every so often for the performance of your system)
  12. Under that there is a button that says clear HISTORY, click that also. 
  13. Click OK at the bottom of the screen
  14. Each time you get ready to play this game with a class you must do this, otherwise your links will not gray out with each play.  
  15. Close Internet Explorer
  16. You are ready to play the game with your class
  17. Get back to the file in FrontPage
  18. Go back to the navigation view
  19. double click the Jeopardy (Game Board) box  ~ this file is also called index
  20. click FILE on the menu bar and then click PREVIEW IN BROWSER, this will open the file up in your browser and you are ready to play
  21. As you click on the dollar values, the questions will appear, when you are done with the question, click the basketball player to return to the game board
  22. As you click on each dollar value, the numbers will grey out
  23. ENJOY
  24. Remember before you play the game again, you have to repeat steps 7 thru 12
  25. Any questions, email