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Look at  the following people in your class.  What are some of the genetic characteristics that you can see? Some examples will include widow’s peak, freely hanging earlobes, having more than five fingers or toes, receding hairline
What are some of the physical characteristics of the following people?  Can you identify those characteristics that are hereditary?
Polydactyly- having more than five toes or fingers
1.Werner’s syndrome is a disease of premature and accelerated aging associated with defects in a DNA unwinding enzyme.
2.Zellweger Syndrome is a rare hereditary disorder affecting infants.  The disease is characterized by the reduction or absence of peroxisomes-microbodies in vertebral animal cells, especially liver, kidney and brain cells which are rich in several enzymes.
Malignant melanoma- a type of cancer that begins in the melanocytes, the cells that form and contain a substance called melanine. Malignant melanoma is associated with mutation of a tumor suppressor gene involved in cell cycle control.
5. Brain section from a patient with Huntington’s disease.  Huntington’s disease is a degenerative neurological disease that leads to dementia.
6. Severe Combined Immunodeficiency.  Gene therapy has been attempted to treat severe combined immunodeficiency caused by a missing enzyme, adenosine deaminase.
Can you curl your tongue?  Try so right now.  If you can you have inherited the dominant allele for tongue curling form at least one of your parents. Earlobe type is also determined by  a simple aotsomal inheritance.